Software development service

Our software development service is capable to deliver comprehensive and cutting edge IT solutions according to your turn-key project requirements. From the software project of the small to large size with a wide range of technologies selection, we have a team of the software development team to serve our clients.

Our core technologies competent are

  • 1) Software development with a wide range of programming languages, including Java, .NET, PHP, native mobile Android/iOS and cross-platforms REACT Native/Flutter
  • 2) TrakCare HIS implementation and enhancement with SAP integration
  • 3) Artificial Intelligence of image processing and face recognition
  • 4) Chat Bot with Line Chat Integration and easy-to-maintain dictionary

Trakcare HIS implementation and enhancement

We have successfully implemented TrakCare HIS to one of the largest hospital chain in Thailand. Our team consist of healthcare expertise in both business and technical. Here are our capabilities.

  • Zero to finish Solution
  • Design hospital order items, package and ordering process
  • Design payment method and collection process
  • Design registration, data fill form and E-KYC deployment
  • Design nurse form, process and nurse report
  • Design doctor EMR form, process and doctor report
  • Design pharmacy form, process and pharmacy report
  • Design CASHIER form, process and CASHIER report
  • Design hospital management dashboard and operation report
  • Customize report to serve hospital activities and Thailand medical record standard
  • Create API interfaces WITH LIS, RIS and medical equipment
  • Customize API for 3rd party interfaces, such as insurance, mobile app, payment gateway or SAP
  • Operate user training, room simulation, floor simulation, go-live preparation

Artificial Intelligence

We can create AI model together with Image Processing programming to service business needs such as image recognition, face detection and text processing. Our team consist of PhD and PhD candidates who can design, research and implement AI solutions based on Wolfram Mathematica or Google Vision.

Enterprise AI Chatbot

We have successfully implemented Enterprise AI Chat Bot to to one of the largest government hospital in Thailand. Here are our chat bot features.

  • Support LINE Official Account integration
  • Support FACEBOOK Messenger integration
  • Machine Learning
  • Easy to train BOT by business users
  • Support both Internal staff mode and External customer mode
  • Local server data interface