IT outsource service

Imagine you can run your IT department just like using utilities, such as water or electric. You can hand off your IT and focus on your core business which matters most for your business growth. We can operate your IT for you with our IT outsource services. Your Network and Infrastructure, IT Help Desk IT Back Office or even CTO can be entirely outsourced to us with guaranteed service level agreement. Here are our services

  • Outsource IT operation, including Network and Infrastructure, Security and IT Help Desk IT Back Office with guaranteed service level agreement. We have solid experiences in Healthcare and Petroleum sectors. Especially Healthcare, currently we have been successfully operating IT Outsource for one of the largest hospital chains in Thailand.
  • Assist our clients in IT Procurement of both Hardware and Software. We know that IT investment sometime is very hard to justify. We act on behalf of our clients to choose the right products with optimum costs. We are neutral to all vendors by organizing an unbiased bidding environment, including developing the fair Term of Reference (TOR). Therefore our clients can ensure that every IT purchases are worthwhile investments.
  • Perform an IT advisor role to the business owners or high-level managements. In some cases, we have been acting even as CIO or CTO to our clients. We can perform critical tasks, such as designing IT organization, developing 3-years IT roadmap or planning IT budget both CAPEX and OPEX. These tasks need more than aligning with best practices from industry standards but have to be practical to implement. Our team use in-depth experiences to execute these tasks.
  • Design and execute IT Policies. Nowadays, many new IT related laws are imposed to corporates throughout Thailand. The current IT Policies need to be updated and complied with these new laws. We have been helping our clients to achieve this. We have been even asked to perform their Data Protection Officer(DPO).
  • Tackle critical issues, find solution and fix them immediately. We have successfully solved very critical issues for our clients, such as VIRUS attacks.
  • Help our clients in IT recruitment and find outsourced staffs if needed. Because we do IT staffing service, providing IT staffs is literally one of our core competencies.
  • Implement ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 as an end-to-end service, such as WI and WP development, internal auditing or external auditor preparation until certified.