Software Package

We have our out-of-the-box software packages for various industries listed below.

  • Enterprise Ecommerce
  • Enterprise AI Chatbot
  • E-KYC Platform
  • Signature AI
  • Healthcare Mobile Application
    • E-Booklet (Health Report)
    • LIS Interface (LAB Result)
    • PACS Inferace (X-Ray Picture)
    • Online Appointment Interface
    • Online Patient Register (E-KYC)
    • Step Count with Apple/Android device
    • Tele Health
    • Ecommerce Mobile Interface
    • Health Anywhere

Enterprise AI Chatbot

We have successfully implemented Enterprise AI chat bot to to one of the largest government hospital in Thailand. Here are our chat bot features.

  • Support LINE Official Account integration
  • Support FACEBOOK Messenger integration
  • Machine Learning
  • Easy to train BOT by business users
  • Support both Internal staff mode and External customer mode
  • Local server data interface

Signature AI is our Signature Forgery Detection Artificial Intelligent software that can automate the human verification process. Currently, most of the banks in Thailand deploy humans to verify the signed signature on the incoming checks.

Signature verification staff will use their eyes to compare the likelihood of the original signature at the bank account opening with the recent one in the incoming check. Then they make a decision to PASS or FAIL the check according to individual judgment.

The human decision of the signed signature is sometimes not always correct due to lost focus or not. This judgment is very subjective and not systematic. Errors sometimes happen because of lacking focus or the tiredness of staff.

Our Signature AI can solve this problem by using Image Processing with an Artificial Intelligent engine. Our team created a Signature Verification model with machine learning techniques that can make a systematic decision for each coming check. This helps the human team to give me the background for verification and in certain cases, can literally remove humans from the process.